Top Performance Gaming Laptop USA 2021

  1. Performance means windows 10 inbuilt.
  2. 10 Generation Intel i7 processor enhances its gaming performance.
  3. Antiglare IPS full HD display Increases the FPS of gaming.
  4. 6 inch wider display makes this top performance gaming laptop.
  5. 6GB DDR6 graphic card memory provides ultimate performance while gaming.
  6. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 top-performing gaming graphic card inbuilt.
  7. Dell provides a 16 GB DDR4 ram to make this a powerful gaming beast.
  8. Two-way storage access distinguishes this performance gaming laptop from others.
  9. CLUMART introduces this Dell Inspiron 15 G3 3500 as a performance gaming laptop.


What do we mean by gaming performance? Gaming performance is not a stage performance, it means how much your laptop fast is. We are introducing Dell G3 3500 as a top performance gaming laptop because it comes with some incredible features that will help to get super smooth gaming performance. This laptop comes with dual thermal cooling system that prevents to become worm while gaming. Its dual cooling technology spreads out the heat and keeps your performance gaming laptop free from any hanging issue. This technology is so smart that it automatically maximize the fans speed when system heats and need cooling.

This technology protect your processor from any damage and helps to run smoothly. This is called performance gaming laptop. And so we are reviewing this laptop only. In USA there are lots of choices, but we did not go with those because this type of features no one provides. In gaming we need mainly cooling than display. If cooling is not good then hanging problem comes out. And there are a huge chance to damage the processor. G3 is not only the powerful beast but also a top-performance gaming laptop in USA. Do you understand the importance of cooling, hope so?

Why should you buy this particular? As we said earlier in that paragraph, the cooling system is just awesome. This is the main point to buy. And this also protects your processor. Another important point is fully loaded with some special hardware. This particular laptop provides two way storage supply. Which helps you to speed up the performance while gaming or working normally. This features helps to load your operating system in SSD and other important files on HDD.

You can keep in this way. Also this laptop has 144 Hz refresh rate that is really helpful in gaming. This is 20 times higher than 120 Hz. And also helps to send data to screen 20 times faster than 120 Hz. Refresh rate basically helps to quickly send your data to the screen when you put any input on keyboard. This is helpful because in game we send more and more date to play the game if refresh rate is not high then some fade and crack effects comes on the screen. So refresh rate in very important for performance gaming laptop. This is the second reason to buy this particular product only as top performance gaming laptop in USA.

144 Hz refresh rate in not only the solution but also another factor like screen resolution matters here equally. This particular laptop model provides Full HD antiglare IPS display. It provides 1920 x 1080 resolution. Which makes this laptop a performance gaming laptop. This laptop provides 300 nits in its display. That makes the image quality super clear. The nits stands for candela per square meter. It basically means how much amount of light distributed over one square meter. It means that if you watch any movie from a side you will get clear visibility. The higher the nits’ amount are the brighter screen surface you will get. Another important feature is RAM. This particular laptop provides 16 GB DDR4 RAM. Which is another beast because this ram has 2933 MHz supercharged memory slot. It is a superfast gaming RAM. This is the third reason to buy this particular as performance gaming laptop.

Another best part is, this laptop provides Alienware Command Centre which helps to control the hardware performance. Alienware command centre gives you a full control panel that lets you adjust all possible setting for your game. It basically maximize the gaming laptop performance by controlling GPU speed and cooling fan speed. This software can rum all alienware computer. This laptop provides one button on its keyboard that lets you to jump performance mode just pressing it.

We hope you will find your all answer to buy a best performance gaming laptop. But this is not the last because you performance gaming laptop is not only for gaming but also for working purpose. So keep this thing in mind manufactured provides a web camera which provides 720 pixel resolution. This laptop has inbuilt 3D surround sound system. While watching movie it serves you excellent sound performance.

The 10 generation Intel core i7 processor and GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB graphic card serves a high performance in gaming. 6GB graphic card enhance the smoothness and provides full HD crystal clear resolution. As well as 10 generation Intel core i7 processor provides 12 MB cache clear technology and can be over clocked 5.0 GHz. It means any user can increase GPU performance level. So overall this is a gaming beast according to CLUMART official testing team.

Not for a single reason we are reviewing this particular product. We look after all kind of products but none of them meets the criteria being a performance gaming laptop. But this DELL G3 3500 meets all the basic requirement. This laptop provides WI-FI 6 connector chip in motherboard. So you have no need to buy external Wi-Fi connector. This WI-FI 6 technology is very popular in USA. Because internet users in North America uses high band internet connection. In USA Wi-Fi 6 really helps to streaming on internet. Because Wi-Fi 6 technology catch a strong connectivity that never breaks.

Also this laptop uses Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. If you are in zoom video conference and it you are using an ear buds then this Bluetooth 5.1 technology helps you very much. Because it’s strong connectivity can cover 20 to 30 meters easily. This laptop provides single light keyboard that’s looks attractive. The right side of this laptop has two USB ports along with a SD card slot. And opposite side this laptop carries one USB-C port, one HDMI, one USB, One Ethernet port, one headphone jack, and one power supply jack. A blue border colour enhance its look.

Features loaded in brief:

  • 6 Inch antiglare IPS FHD display.
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 technology.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB DDR6 graphic card.
  • 10 generation Intel i7 processor, i7-10750H.
  • Alienware command centre for performance mood.
  • 144 Hz refresh rate with 1920×1080 FHD display.
  • Dual cooling technology to spread out heat.

There is also an option for the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and users who want higher performance can invest in this device. In addition to its main function as a gaming machine, G3 can also be used for small multimedia work. Dell offers a dual-storage option with a 256 GB M.2 PCIe SSD that can be used as a boot drive. The second hard drive is a 1 TB hard drive. Therefore, enabling SSD should speed up the speed. Regarding the host, of course, G3 is heavier. The battery has a capacity of 51 hours and is charged through a 130 W power adapter. After being fully charged, the battery can last for one day when not in use in performance mode.

Overall this is the best performance gaming laptop ever.