The Incredible Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop USA 2021

  1. This is a fully loaded ultra-slim gaming laptop.
  2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB graphic card included.
  3. Crystal clear full HD display.
  4. 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 2666 Hz clocking speed.
  5. 512 GB PCIe NVME SSD card included with this.
  6. Windows 10 home free for a lifetime.
  7. Intel Core i7-9750h Hexa core processor has been provided.
  8. Military-grade magnesium alloy body with premium metal cover.
  9. Bluetooth 5.0 is provided.
  10. Best ultra-slim gaming laptop in USA 2021.


Topic: The Incredible Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop USA 2021

With a few exceptions, gaming laptops have always been powerful tycoons with a focus on pure performance without flashy design. The result is yet another slim portable laptop that fits easily into a backpack and delivers the performance you need for 1080p gaming. I love the original Asus ROG Zephyrus, which has a thin and light profile but offers a lot of power for gaming and performance with little performance compromise.

Zephyrus S seems to impress us even more. The new Zephyrus S is slightly thinner than the previous Zephyrus S (0.62 x 14.17 x 10.6 inches (HWD)), while the original Zephyrus is wider at 0.7 x 14.9 x 10.3 inches (HWD) … This laptop is not only a scaled-down version of last year’s model but also has a number of important design achievements. HWD stands for Height-Width-Depth.

However, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S has been voted the most advanced laptop with futuristic styling and a unique black copper chassis. Think about it. These include the unique “Aero Active” hinge, which opens a few millimeters when the laptop is opened, increasing airflow. The GX531, Nvidia RTX 2070 with Max are packed in a Q design, so these machines definitely need some extra cooling.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus S is an elegant and stylish product of all kinds and is less than an inch thick when the lid is closed. This is a great achievement for the slot machine. This is the main reason I really thought about buying this laptop personally.

When the cover is opened, the other lifts up from the bottom, creating a hole a few millimeters wide, allowing the fan to draw in more air. The hinges on the screen and the metal plate raised from the bottom are very strong and durable. Not the part that remained on the floor, but the metal plate itself.

If you leave the laptop open, you can see how thin this “soft” board is. Some of the curves on this board are easy to see for a long time. In addition, the display panel itself is “flexible” and trembles noticeably if you slide it from one side. The lid is metal, so the screen is too thin, which is very disappointing. The rigidity of the GX531 is achieved with a polished solid aluminum base, making it incredibly durable and undeniable.

All-black with a copper finish draws attention to the keyboard and all the RGB lighting under the vents. At first sight, the Asus ROG Zephyrus ultra-slim gaming laptop looks really good. Stylish, black, and intimidating. But when it was opened, all the flaws were found. I find the bottom plate to be very thin and fragile. The screen also exhibits extreme “flexibility”, which we did not like very much. In general, purchasing this service may require careful handling.

The rigidity of the GX531 is achieved with a polished solid aluminum base, making it incredibly durable and undeniable. Any black paint coated with copper is also discarded.


The Asus Zephyrus S (GX531) display offers many features worth showcasing. The Full HD Ultra-thin panel has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time. Which is perfect for gaming. Plus, the screen is Pantone certified and you need to adjust the colors right away. If you want to go outside then its bright screen will be with you. This means this laptop provides an ultra-thin bright full HD matted display. Which does not reflect any sunlight when you are outside. The matte finish certainly helps reduce glare, and Asus is pleased to present an exhibit of this caliber for the GX531. The very narrow edges make the game more fun. The GX531’s screen should be very impressive. If there’s one thing you’re missing is NVidia’s G-Sync, but honestly, you won’t miss out on this feature after hours of playing on this computer.


This laptop has powerful battery life that provides a long time gaming experience. But it drains also very fast while gaming in a performance mood. This laptop charges very fast also. When you are normally working then this laptop provides a good battery backup.

Keyboard & Track Pad:

This ultra-slim gaming laptop has a standard keyboard with 1.2mm key spacing. Unlike the slightly curved buttons on the Scar II (test), the buttons on the GX531 are perfectly flat. Oh, you can see the keyboard is on the front of the case.

This is the design choice for which the Zephyrus line is well known. Some say that you have long been accustomed to this place and do not really know. Typing is a good experience as the keys move a little hard. The keyboard island is inflexible. This is definitely a good thing because it only helps to draw earlier conclusions about the quality of the building. Unfortunately, the button does not provide RGB settings for each button but does provide four-zone RGB control.

The trackpad is placed on the right side of the keyboard. Which is controlled by touch. This is a different style Zephyrus gaming laptop design variation. This is especially useful when playing back Photoshop trackpads and lasso tools. Separate buttons for left and right mouse buttons improve usability. Don’t misunderstand. It’s great for trackpads and is very handy, but not responsive enough for FPS games.

In addition, the trackpad functions as a numeric keypad when a button is pressed. When activated, a red number is displayed on the trackpad and converted to a numeric keypad. This is useful but can cause problems due to a lack of feedback. Checked number input after using trackpad due to lack of feedback.


  1. The RGB lighting is added to the keyboard which feels like the best gaming laptop.
  2. 16 GbDDR4 ram with 2666 Hz clocking speed that provides a high speed while gaming.
  3. 8 Gb Nvidia GeForce 2070 graphic card helps to play 4K quality high FPS game.
  4. Intell i7 hex-core processor makes this particular laptop different from others.


  1. A 2-inch plastic padding is added to the bottom of the screen which looks bad.
  2.  The trackpad and number pad are equal which is very disgusting to use.
  3. If you are in hurry then trackpad and number pad bother you to use.
  4. This is a high ticket product but provides a USB 2.0 port. Which is not expectable.

Last Line:

The Asus Zephyrus S (GX531) does a great job at some tasks. It contains a very robust set of components in a slim design, perfect for anyone looking to carry a game or processing machine with them. Pantone certified 144Hz display out of the box. It takes a long time to get used to the keyboard, but the trackpad is definitely useful.

What will definitely disappoint are the two USB 2.0 ports (which should be USB 3.0) and the ribbon cable that appears on the screen. Active air-cooled metal plates could be better. If you have a Zephyrus S, you won’t have any performance claims. However, we recommend that you handle this device with care.