Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair India 2021

  1. This is the best zero gravity full body massage chair.
  2. JSB MZ23 works on 3D technology.
  3. JSB MZ23 provides long reaching rollers for back and hip massage.
  4. Provides multiple massage functions.
  5. Back heating and Bluetooth connect technology are the most unique features.
  6. Full 1 year site door step warranty, and dedicated product specialist assistance.
  7. Best zero gravity full body massage chair.


What does zero gravity mean? The zero gravity means the feeling of weightlessness state. In space, astronauts feel no weight for zero gravity. In this massage chair, the zero gravity technology has been injected. When anyone sits for massaging then it totally lies straight and you can feel weightlessness. That’s why it is called a zero gravity massage chair.

Why should you buy this best zero gravity full body massage chair? Because this massage chair has already gained 10 sales and gained 9 customer reviews. 90% positive reviews gained by this massage chair. This massage chair wrapped with full faux leather and very easy to clean. And 3D technology is very impressive. The rollers are very soft, while it moves you can feel a good experience. Having a massage chair very essential.

What is the main concept of zero gravity technology? The zero gravity concept offers you full body massage and it automatically measured your weight and height. This technology offers your body scan feature.

What is the special about this massage chair? We add all the features sequentially point-wise below that helps to understand.

  1. First of all, we say that it is a very expensive home appliance. And as well as it is a space-saving item to your home.
  2. JSB MZ23 provides full body massaging and soft rollers inside the chair helps to do it.
  3. The back heating technology and Bluetooth connectivity feature make a difference from others.
  4. The hard part of the massage chair is built with polycarbonate and the soft part made of faux leather, which is very easy to clean.
  5. 14 soft massage rollers and foot rollers really provide you an immersive massaging experience. Airbag massaging and auto programming makes your life much easier than a traditional one.
  6. This massage chair offers 6 angle airbag massaging. Airbags in the shoulder, arm leg, back, hip, feet are providing the best quality massaging experience.
  7. You can listen to music with it by connecting Bluetooth with your phone. A boom speaker is on the right side of this chair.
  8. JSB MZ23 provides various massage techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, and vibration.

Same ass all massage chair this chair also reduces stresses, pain, anxiety, and other anxieties as well. Mainly massage chair used by elderly people who cannot go outside for walking. The massage chair is very effective for them. And 3D motion rollers are really impressive.

Electric consumption: This all totally depends on your model of massage chair. Different models consume different levels of electricity. Generally, we see a normal massage chair consume 150 to 300 watts of electricity.

You can read all benefits from the previous post.

Presently, the best Zero Gravity Massage Chair India 2021 methods that back rub seats are meant to try totally are that of treatment and Swedish back rub. Treatment can normally utilize squeeze, clearing, tapping, rolling, and turning developments. The characteristic traditional for treatment is its stress on discharging strain in specific areas of the body.


This depth on this Zero Gravity Massage Chair India 2021, will vary from 2.2 inches on some models to four.7 inches on others. The body scanning ability of 3D chairs (ability to see your form, size, height) is additionally far more correct and precise than scanning during a 2d massage chair. They force and move the hubs and rollers to the elemental territories, even as allow the specified changes in accordance with the seatback. The rear rub seat has numerous predetermined examples and comes wont to rub the entire back.


In any case, the engines, hubs, and rollers are meant to be modified through the management cushion that goes with all back rub seats. Because the shopper determines, the rear rub seat centers around the highest purpose of the spine down through the lower back, with a sound movement, moving movement, or plying movement. Thus this concludes the subject for Zero Gravity Massage Chair India 2021.

Verdict about best zero gravity massage chair:

We experience a thrilling massage system with this best zero gravity massage chair. Because when it stretched 160 degrees we feel that we are in heaven. We feel no weight during testing. And this is the best part buying the best zero gravity massage chair in India. If you want to feel a luxury feeling then you should buy this particular. This is a little bit expensive but it will be worth buying.


  1. This is built with fully faux leather which is scratch-proof.
  2. This particular model can be controlled by remote.
  3. Bluetooth connection is also inbuilt with this.
  4. 14 soft massage rollers and airbag massage impress you to buy.


  1. It consumes heavy power.
  2. While massaging it generates noise.