Best laptop under 75000 in India 2021

  1. One of the most trendy and superfast gaming laptops.
  2. 6-inch gaming laptop under 75000.
  3. 10 gen i5 processor makes it a superfast gaming laptop.
  4. 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD storage both are equipped.
  5. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card provides full HD resolution.
  6. Operated by windows 10 home plus with McAfee security system.
  7. 10 hours battery life and backlit keyboard.
  8. The best laptop under 75000 in India 2021.


Why are we added this product as best gaming laptop under 75000? There is a simple reason that we are always searching for the bestselling and high rated products. Dell G3 dominates gaming laptop market since many years. And also this is a very trendy gaming laptop. This laptop provides many premium features in this price range.

Is dell G3 3500 good for gaming? According to us, absolutely yes. There is no doubt while gaming on dell G3. I had told you earlier that this is a very trendy gaming laptop that almost provides all premium features within this price range.

This laptop has been manufacture with SSD and HDD. And provides also 4 GB graphic card. And furthermore, you will get a clear idea. Just stick with us.

Is any Cooling issue detected while gaming on Dell G3? No, there is no cooling issue detected. If you found your laptop becomes very warm them press the G button on the upper side of the keyboard. This G button is dedicatedly given for boosting two fans speed for fast cooling.

Is dell G3 perfect for video editing? When we are talking about video editing, so there is no voice to tell. How is this laptop so smooth? NVidia GTX 1650 graphic card helps a lot for video editing.

Is dell G3 worth it?  Yes, this is value for money. If you are in low budget and searching for gaming laptop so this will be the best one ever. Because this laptop fully loaded with many premium features that have a need in gaming.

Long Description:

Ultimate gaming:

This is a hard core gaming laptop, Provides lots of powerful features. Dell G3 engineered with Intel 10 generation core i5 processor, which is enough for gaming. This processor is powerful because this is the upgradable version of 5 generation i5 processor which provides 4.5 GHz clocking speed and 4 core 8 threads memory division. The higher clock speed the more smoothness in gaming. And according to us 4.5 GHz clock speed is enough for gaming. This improves gaming experiences.

Perfect video editing:

Gaming laptop is also been used as video editing laptop as graphic card’s presence. The NVidia graphic card really powerful as already provided in 4 GB variant in this dell G3 laptop. This is a very common graphic card and very powerful also. This improves the video clarity and turns display in full HD resolution. This laptop provides 15.6 inches narrow border display. Which also provides wide viewing angle.


It looks great because a mat type finishes on overall body. Dell logo at the back side with blue colour surrounded it. This looks sturdy two air vents are in the back side and WASD backlit (blue light) keyboard.

At the right side of the laptop we found SD memory card slot, audio out socket, two USB Type-A ports and the lock slot besides has the RJ45 Ethernet, a USB Type-A and HDMI ports apart from the DC power input socket. Full body made of plastic. The track pad is slightly in left position, helps to use comfortably.


Stereo speaker presents a good quality music and gaming experience and a little bass around. They provides a perfect sound experience. Dell g3 also provides alien ware management centre that permits you to control gaming sound experience. Audio recon visual sound tracking helps to rotate the sound around you.


Dell promises 10 hours battery life. But as 10 generation processor reduces the drainage of battery while gaming. When testing this we found almost 8 hours battery back-up exists.

Last line of Best laptop under 75000:

Now we are in the last line about the best gaming laptop under 75000. Dell g3 is an entry-level gaming laptop but also very good. If you are a beginner then this will be the perfect choice for you. If you are using normal gaming and professional purposes only so this also works a good laptop.

Because for gaming cooling is most important otherwise laptop will be damaged but here dell gets 10 marks out of 10. They provide a dedicated G button on the top for cooling. So in our point of view this is a very good gaming laptop under 75000.