Best gaming laptop under 120000 India 2021

  1. 16 GB DDR4 RAM inside of it.
  2. I7 Intel 10 generation processor.
  3. 1 TB hard drive supported.
  4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4 GB graphic card.
  5. Full HD quality display with 1920×1080.
  6. Bang & Olufsen stereo sound system.
  7. 10 Hours battery backup system.
  8. Best Gaming laptop under 120000.


Topic: Best gaming laptop under 120000 India 2021

Why are we choosing this laptop for a gaming laptop under 120000? The reason is that the customer’s positive reviews. This laptop is a high-ticket product but gains lots of positive reviews. A gaming laptop needs a high-performance hardware setup, this laptop already offers those premium features. This laptop is very expensive but gaming performance is ultimate. Full HD screen, high-quality resolution impress you to play more and more.

Is this laptop worth buying? According to us, this laptop is enough for gaming. Because the DDR6 ram size of the graphic card enhances the gaming speed and performance. Which is very useful. This laptop provides inbuilt 16 GB DDR4 RAM. You can play really a huge-sized game with it. No lagging and no problem will be faced.

Is the i7 Intel processor good for gaming? Obviously yes, this i7 10 generation processor is the beast of gaming. Because 10 generation Intel processor has single thread but 8 cores processor. The thermal velocity boost and dynamic tuning technology optimize the ultimate gaming performance. This Intel 10 generation processor specially made for gamers and creators.

Are the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work properly? This laptop is one of the best-selling and high-rated products only for the i7 processor. And Intel i7 provides world high-class connectivity. Especially 10 generation processors provide fast, secure, and versatile wireless connectivity. There is no question rise about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Is there any problem with overheating? No actually not, if you are playing a game for a long time, small heating comes out but nowhere overheating problem found. Because this gaming laptop provides tempest cooling technology. That helps to cool down the temperature of this laptop. In this laptop, we found that there are 3 vents and 5 ways of air flowing, which ensure the laptop’s stability and ultimate performance.

Is this laptop provides a surround sound system? Excellent audio quality, this laptop provides a surround sound system with a band and an Olufson premium sound system. This technology-based on DTS: x ultra. This technology ensures a crystal clear audio experience.

Is the built quality good? The chassis is made of full metal which provides you an elegant look. This metal body ensures your laptop from scratch and dents. Being an all-metal body the weight of this laptop is 2.3 kg. This laptop looks very professional. This square sign at the backside of the display lid. With this gaming laptop 2 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1 Audio, and Ethernet ports are available.

Battery Performance:

Omen provides ultimate performance. So battery drains. It depends on gaming time. Almost omen gives 8 hours battery back-up. The HP promise 10 hours battery backups but unfortunately we did not find that. But if you are not playing the game then the battery performs for almost 10 hours. The 150 watt AC adapter charges this gaming laptop 0 to 90 within 1.5 hours.

Keyboard and user experience:

Almost every gaming laptop provides back led keyboard. But in this case, this is a bit different because with the help of the HP command center you can change the led lighting according to your choice. Omen provides a full-length keyboard and a pretty big trackpad. For regular use, this laptop is a very good choice. All the keys come 1.5 mm travel distance offering comfortable typing and gaming also.

The user experience is great. No doubt found in our staffs who had tested it? We play long and high FPS gaming but found no problem. The wireless Wi-Fi connectivity is very good no buffering and no lagging. Our experience is very good with this particular laptop. This laptop provides two modes one is balanced mode and one is performance mood. Performance mode is only for high-quality gaming and balanced mode also be used for gaming and work purposes.


This laptop supports a 144 HZ IPS full HD display. The color quality is very good like 4K quality screen resolution. But this gaming laptop under 120000 provides a graphic card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. Which also enhances the screen resolution quality. The screen is very bright and we have to decrease the brightness level to play games for a long time.

IP thermopile sensor:

This is one kind of silicon chip that helps to detect overheating in the laptop. HP introduced this technology in this gaming laptop as gaming laptop consumes heat very fast. But for this innovative technology, the chip easily detects thermal heat and optimizes thermal efficiencies. This is specially designed for the best gaming experience.


  1. 16 GB DDR4 gaming high-performance RAM.
  2. 1 TB hard disk for extra storage.
  3. i7 10 generation gaming processor inside of this laptop.
  4.  10-hour full battery backup for a gaming laptop under 1.2 lakh in India is insane.
  5. 144 Hz screen refresh rate which makes this laptop the best and perfect gaming laptop under 120000 in India.


  1. We found that after 5 hours of continuous gaming the back surface spreads heat. it means that a heating problem found after 5 hours of gaming.
  2. Or nothing major problem found.

In which situation this laptop will be a perfect gaming laptop under 120000? According to us situation does not matter here. We believe that if you are playing gaming for a long time likewise 5 to 6 hours then any best gaming laptop produces heat. Because gaming needs high power and the processor face huge pressure to provide a smooth performance. So according to the CLU MART official testing team, this laptop is enough for gaming and doing any office work.

Verdict about a gaming laptop under 120000:

Hp omen provides the ultimate gaming experience. Mainly the cooling feature is absolutely awesome and innovative technology makes it value for money. This laptop is a little bit pricy. If anyone searching for the best gaming laptop under 120000 so this will be a super cool option for him.

FAQ About the best gaming laptop under 120000:

Which company is best for gaming laptops in India?

According to us DELL, HP, Asus are the best company in gaming laptop manufacturing in India. Because they provide high technology in a gaming laptop and provides superior performance. As HP omen is the best gaming laptop under 1.20 lakh in India. If any buyer like HP company then can buy this gaming laptop.

What laptop should I buy for light gaming?

For light gaming or heavy gaming, we should prefer a high configured laptop like this. Because HP omen is specially built for heavy gaming and light gaming as we test. HP Omen is the very powerful laptop that we had ever seen. HP omen performance is just awesome and smooth. You would also love its performance. For light gaming, you can also choose a gaming laptop under 60000 with an SSD.