Best gaming headphones under 7000 India 2021

  1. Sound quality is just boom and awesome stereo effect.
  2. Made of PVC material and durable also.
  3. Very lightweight only 350 grams.
  4. 50 mm driver covers your ear entirely.
  5. Designed for comfort and cooling purposes.
  6. Multiplatform compatibility is the main feature.
  7. Best gaming headphones under 7000.


If you are searching for a stereo gaming headset, you are in the right place where we are going to reveal the best gaming headphones under 7000. In this article, we are reviewing the best gaming headphone. Here we are talking about alien ware Stereo gaming headset.

Why are we choosing this gaming headset under 7000? Because this particular gaming headphone generates lots of sales online and achieved lots of positive reviews. Initially, we had thought that a particular gaming headset is not enough in the 7000 price range but after that, we thought that this particular headset notched the maximum number of positive reviews and already 5 stars rated on Amazon India. So we were choosing this particular gaming headphone under 7000.

Lots of blog writers showcased 10 to 15 products on their blog to make that lengthy. But we thought that if you are searching for headphones under the 7000 price range in India why not, showcase the only high-rated bestselling products only. If we are showcasing 10 products for our reader then it will be a bit complicated to make a single mind buy anyone. Because there are different features in that all variables for different purposes.

Build quality:

Alienware gaming headset made by full fiver body and very durable quality of the material. Hard plastic protects from internal damage while dropped from the hand. This is also a very lightweight gaming headphone under 7000 rupees in India.  This gaming headphone is black in color and mat finish on the entire body, no chance to slip. The logo of alien embossed on the back of both ear cups with a glossy finish. And left – right mark-up is inside the ear cups.


The headband is very flexible being hard plastic. And under the headband, there is a bit of padding of foam to provide comfort while wearing. A little bit of hexagonal design on the padded area. The headband a little bit hard to bend but overall this is perfect and enough for this price range. Alienware gaming headphone is very lightweight and very popular.

Mic quality:

The boom mic is awesome and with a unique feature. Generally, we saw in the gaming headset that the mic is a fixed nod not bendable, but in this gaming headset, the mic can be bend according to your comfort and need. And also your mic can be pulled back to hide. This features noise cancellation also. And the front part of mice made of plastic and a little hole on that part for speaking.


This gaming headphone can be controlled remotely. But no remote comes with it. This is a wired gaming headset. In that wire, we found a small volume control wheel and smartly they provide a mute button with it, behind that wheel. Just lift up and your mic will be muted.

Unique specification:

The Alienware 310 H gamin headset comes with a stereo 7.1 quality speaker, which provides good sound feelings while gaming. And its mic is discord certified. We had tested it and found really works very well. The audio voice comes clearly.

Sound experience:

As you know every gaming headphone comes with a 50 mm driver that pretty common, as usual, this headphone comes with 50 mm drivers that cover the entire two ears and provides stereo sound quality. These headphones have a 20 Hz to 40 Hz frequency range that provides a hi-fi base. The sound is so crisp that you can notice every point.

Cool features:

The ear cups provide full comfort and leatherette hybrid memory foam helps you to wear for a long time without any burden.

Talk about the clarity, there is none to talk about. Stereo 7.1 speaker and hi-fi base provides top-notched clarity. While gaming these features actually work very better. This credit goes to Alien ware immersive audio technology.

This gaming headphone comes with a Y splitter to separate the mic and headphone imputes.  Alien ware is a child company of dell.

FAQ about gaming headphones under 7000:

  1. Can I play pubg mobile game with it?

Absolutely yes, you can do. Because this gaming headphone have 3.5 mm jack.

  1. Can I connect this headphone wirelessly?

100% no, this headphone is wired and no Bluetooth technology included.

  1. Is the mic removable?

No, the mic can be hidden inside the left ear cup.

  1. Is this mic body is metal?

Nope, this is made of full in PVC material.

  1. Can I use this headphone as listening to music?

Every time, you can use it to listen to music. Very high bass and excellent experience.


  1. This is a best-selling product with 98% positive feedback.
  2. Mic quality is very good. In gaming, it performs very well with no glitch or anything.
  3. Very sweet sound experience with cristal clear voice recording features.
  4. Its mic is discord certified and can be hidden inside when it is not in use.


  1. No major fault found on the entire testing. According to us, this is a very special item for gaming.

Verdict about gaming headphones under 7000:

You can consider this headphone as your best gaming headphones under 7000. This is very special because this generates lots of sales and gained tons of positive reviews. So we are in the last line about the best gaming headphone under 7000 in India.