Best gaming headphones under 5000 India 2021

  1. Very lightweight best gaming headphones.
  2. Earcups can rotate 90 degrees.
  3. Compatible with PC and laptop also PS4.
  4. 50 mm audio drivers provide excellent sound quality.
  5. Memory foam makes its ear pads comfortable.
  6. Dedicated volume control button on-ear cups.
  7. Notched the reward of best gaming headphones under 5000.


Topic: Best gaming headphones under 5000 India 2021

Why have we selected this Hyper x cloud stringer gaming headphone under 5000 rupees? Because these are very budget-friendly and good quality gaming headphones. Initially, if you are a new gamer then this headphone is good for you. Because this headphone has lots of features that premium headphones carry with them.

Hyper x cloud stringer is an ideal gaming headphone in the 5000 price range. Because superior sound quality makes this perfect for new bee gamer in the gaming industry. Initially, a new gamer cannot afford a high-range gaming headset for their gaming purposes. So keeping this thing in our mind we add this product to our list. So in this article, we are going to review Hyper x cloud stringer headphone as the best gaming headphone under 5000 rupees.

Build quality:

Made on PVC plastic. Full body made by plastic and very durable wired gaming headphone under 5000. This is a very light weight comfortable gaming headphone for new bee gamer. This is only 275 grams. This is an over ear headphone which makes lots of sales in online.


These two ear cups can rotate 90 degree. This feature helps to fit in your neck perfectly. If you are not want to keep in your ear then this unique feature helps you to keep on your neck. As this is a very lightweight gaming headphone so no problem. The signature memory foam covers the entire ear cups. Which provides a great comfort when wearing in your ear.

50 mm directional drivers:

The common feature on each gaming headphone is 50 mm directional drivers. Which helps to cover your entire ear. And mainly these also prevents noise disturbance.


This headphone has also an adjustable head band that is made of steel. And this is a really good when we are testing the tension. This adjustable solid steel slider made for long lasting durable quality. This is made of pure stainless steel.


The cloud stringer headphone is very smooth gaming headphone with this price range. It’s cosy look and mat finish prevents to slip from hand. This is made of full black in colour and red brand embossing on the two ear cups. So this looks very gorgeous and clean.


The headset cable is 1.3m long with a single four-pole 3.5mm plug that will work with every category gaming laptops and PS4 also, also adjustable with most mobile devices. HyperX comes with a 1.7m Extension Y-cable that splits into two three-pole 3.5mm plugs, to be used with computer and mobile phone also.

Sound quality:

Hyper x performs very well in the sound testing. This stereo sound quality is excellent. And moreover this headphone can produce a deep and hard-core bass while listing music. The audio frequency is 18 to 23000 HZ not so loud and very gentle and not harmful for our ear.

Mic quality:

While gaming with this headphone we realize its mic quality really awesome. And the best cool feature is that flip to mute. When you want to mute your microphone then just lift your mic upward and it will automatically muted. And also this mic features noise cancellation technology. Your listener can found you with clear voice. This headset is certified by Team Speak and Discord. With the help of this gaming headphone you can also join group calling.

Multi-platform compatibility:

HyperX Cloud Stinger supports with PC, Xbox One1, PS4, Wii U and mobile devices also. And comes with a single 3.5mm stereo plug (4 pole) and also PC extension cable with dual 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs.

Last line of gaming headphones under 5000 :

So we are in the last line about best gaming headphones under 5000. We are just reviewing Hyper x cloud string gaming headphone. This is very affordable and also budget gaming headphone. We are satisfied to review this headphone and also satisfied to see the performance. Very good audio quality and mic technology impressed us.


  1. Is this product gained 5 star ratting?

Yes, 61% people rated this gaming headphone under 5000 at 5 star rating.

  1. Is this headphone supports mobile gaming?

Yes, this gaming headphone already certified by team speak and discord group.

  1. Is this mic removable?

No, it’s mic is not removable. This is fixed on its place.