Best gaming headphones under 15000 India 2021

Blue VO!CE microphone technology* – Detachable pro-grade microphone filters tune your voice in real-time to sound richer, cleaner, and more professional. Reduces background noise and eliminates pops and hisses for clear, consistent, in-game comms and streaming. Requires included USB external sound card, Windows PC, and Logitech G HUB software.
DTS Headphone:X 2.0 7.1 – Next-gen 7.1 surround sound* provides greater positional and distance awareness, so you know exactly where your opponents are before they find you and experience greater immersion in all your games

  1. 50mm Drivers produce good quality sound.
  2. Comfortable foam on ear pads.
  3. G-HUB software provides you great control you.
  4. Surround sound quality.
  5. Blue voice technology helps you to give a real-time voice.
  6. Durable steel aluminum


Topic: gaming headphones under 15000

Are you searching for the best gaming headphones under 15000? In this article, we are going to review the best gaming headphone under 15000. In India, it generates lots of sales and became one of the best trendy gaming headphone under 15000.

We are talking about Logitech G pro X gaming headphone. This is awesome gaming headphone under 15000. Because lots of gamers use this as their gaming headphone. Why are we reviewing this particular product as best gaming headphones under 15000? Because popular gamers on YouTube uses this particular gaming headphone for their gaming purposes.

Do you know what the main attracting feature is in this gaming headphone that is Blue voice technology in mic? This gaming headphone is bit expensive around 14k in India. If you are a gamer then you deserve this quality headphone. Because most in the games required voice. Especially while streaming on you tube then you voice plays a great role in gaming.

Main features of the Best gaming headphones under 15000: –

Blue Voice technology:

This technology produces a good and filtered voice to your viewers. This is a new generation technology that also helps to reduce the noise. This technology helps to distribute your real time voice to your viewer.

With the help of this software & technology your voice will be richer, cleaner, and more professional. You can control your voice with the G-HUB gaming software professionally.

Ear pads:

The ear pads of this best gaming headphone under 15000 built with leather rapped premium quality memory foam. If your ear pads are not comfortable, it will be hard to keep on your ear. So manufacture keep a detail eye to build this best gaming headphone. With this, you can play for long time and keep your headphone on your ear without any problem.

50 mm Drivers:

Pro G has a unique feature. That is clear sound quality. This Pro G gaming headphone delivers you clear and precise sound imaging. Even 50 mm drivers helps you to cover your ear top to bottom. And also provides noise cancellation also.

This next generation Pro G delivers you breathtakingly clarity and you can easily follow your game. More accurate voice and high quality bass bring you to a new world.

Sound quality:

Pro X has been featured with DTS headphone 2.0 latest version. This technology features object based sound imaging technology. This latest technology version 2.0 takes 7.1 surround sound system technology.

This features provides so clarity that you can easily found your enemies.  And most importantly, a new level of distance awareness differentiates between near field and far field audio, so your enemies’ location is pinpointed more than ever.

Build quality:

This is a very lightweight gaming headphone. Built-in mainly plastic and some aluminum use in the backside of the ear pads. Manufactured make a great balance with comfort and tension. Its foam pads are very thick and very comfortable honestly. There are thick cushions on headband.

Voice equalizer:

With the help of this feature you can change the audio frequency. Blue voice supports a three-band equalizer, which allows three different frequencies to be fixed by their output. By this feature you can reduce the unpleasant, also control the frequency of a person’s voice. This features makes this best gaming headphone different from other.

In the Box:

There are 2 clastic 3.5mm cords with completely different inline controls for connecting to either a computer or mobile device, alongside a tiny low USB DAC attachment for computer and a 3.5mm splitter for desktop analogue inputs. The headset additionally comes with a clastic boom mic, cloth replacement ear pads (the pre-attached ones are leatherette), and a padded carry bag.


  1. Is this headphone wired and wireless?

No, this headphone is not wireless. This is a wired gaming headphone under 15000.

  1. Is this a good rated product?

Yes, definitely this is a high rated product on amazon. This particular best gaming headphone under 15000 gained 4.5 out of the 5 star rating.

  1. Will it work with any gaming console?

Yes, this best gaming headphone will work with any gaming console and 3.5 mm jack helps to connect with your phone for mobile gaming.

  1. Is mic removal or attached?

Yes, the mic is not attached with this gaming headphone. This mic is removable.

  1. Is this gaming headphone comes with 2 wires?

No, this gaming headphone comes with single wire.