Best gaming headphones under 10000 India 2021

  1. Fully comfortable ear cups and can covered entirely.
  2. Multi-platform compatible like Xbox, PC, and PS4 also.
  3. 1 stereo sound quality and deep bass.
  4. One side RGB lighting enhances its look.
  5. 50 mm drivers presents immersive sound quality.
  6. 5 customizable button on the left ear cup.
  7. A volume up and down button present on the left ear cup also.
  8. Notched the position of the best gaming headphone under 10000.( according to us)


Topic: Best gaming headphones under 10000 India 2021

Is this best gaming headphone perfect at the 10000 price range? Absolutely yes, because this is one of the most trendy gaming headsets. And this is only made for gamers and also be used to listen to music. Every premium feature presents on this gaming headphone under 10000 rupees.

Should I buy this? This answer depends on you what kind of features are you expecting on this. According to us, this is the best one because we had used this and tested it in different phases and found this particular gaming headphone overcome all the difficulties.

We had tested these gaming headphone at a chaotic place and found a great result my competitor listen to no background noise as I was in a chaotic place.

Why have we added only this product in spite of having many options available? Because this is the only one who gained a bestseller tag and gifted lots of positive feedback from customers. This is the only product under 10000 which looks gorgeous. And the best unique feature is RGB strip lighting around the two ear cups.

Look around all features of gaming headphones under 10000:

Build quality:

First start over the build quality. This headphone looks very sturdy and awesome because this headphone made of premium quality plastic. There are some mat finish and some glossy black finish on the entire body.

The adjustable headband has been equipped with a stainless steel body. The earpads are soft and removable. The foam material does not suck sweet while gaming for a long time.

Audio Mixing and calls management:

One of the most unique and interesting features is audio mixing. This headset can mix any audio from any additional source. This headphone can connect a 2.4 GHz wireless console and a 3.5 mm jack.

This is really a unique feature I had ever seen in any premium gaming headphone. You can pick up any calls with the help of a button that is present on the side of an ear cup. You don’t need to pause the game you can easily pick up the call.

Multi-platform compatibility:

This is a very common feature of multiplatform compatibility. This particular gaming headset supports gaming laptops, pc, Xbox, ps4 also. Logitech works with a PC with USB DAC and another platform it works with a 3.5 mm jack.

Testing on movie music and gaming:

This headphone has been tested by us. We had tested many times through several processes. But it succeeded. When we are watching movie and listening to music its Dolby 7.1 surround sound system performs pretty well and not well excellent.

No background noise enters in. And this technology is so good that you can distinguish every voice from every angle. The sound is so clear and crisp that we cannot tell this in the article. Also, we had tested this headset while gaming. You can point out all the enemies behind you for clear sound quality.


Next-generation advanced sound systems are being provided with this headset. 50 mm upgraded driver can cover the entire ear and provide an immersive 7.1 Dolby surround sound system. DTS headphone 2.0 technology gifts you the ultimate sonic sound experience. Pro g provides a rich sound frequency.

Customizable button:

With the help of a customization button, you can control RGB strip lighting. You can choose pre-loaded RGB animation and choose from 16.8 million colors. With the help of these buttons, you can create custom effect according to you game experience.

Assigned buttons help to pick up calls and change songs and trigger instant in-game macros and command combinations and so on. Personalize G-hub software can control voice and frequencies and more.

Mic quality:

6 mm boom mic provides you noise cancellation feature. And Logitech g series also provides flip to mute technology. This boom mic has an indicator light that ensures you when mute. When you are not using your mic you can pull back your mic to mute.


This is a premium gaming headphone with lots of premium features. Hear more details and enjoy the immersive 7.1 surround system. Enjoy your hassle-free holiday with Logitech G633 7.1 surround sound system-equipped gaming headphones under 10000.


  1. A strip of RGB lighting is present with both ear cups.
  2. 7.1 surround sound system impresses us, especially while gaming.
  3. Awsome bass experience while listening to Dj music.
  4. The RGB strip can be customized according to your mood of gaming.
  5. The ear cups cover our entire ear and provide noise-free sounding.


  1. No major claws found but sometimes we found a jack loose problem with my pc. But no problem with sound.