Best exercise bike with screen India 2021

  1. Full stainless steel body and with LCD screen.
  2. It provides an app that daily tracks your workout.
  3. It is a spin exercise bike that has an 14 lbs wheel.
  4. Being stainless steel body it can carry 110 Kg max weight.
  5. Provide 3 months free personal dietitian.
  6. Fit Kit Company provides you one time a free personal trainer.
  7. Its personalized app provides doctors’ consultations for all fit kit users.
  8. Some amazing unique features are available in this exercise bike.
  9. Best exercise bike with the screen in India 2021.


Topic: Best exercise bike with screen India 2021

For a better sleep we all need a good exercise but today’s busy life we don’t have enough time to exercise. So lots of problems comes with us. But according to doctor they suggests cycling is good for health. Because cycling provides a great impact to our body by increasing blood circulation and loosing belly fat.

While cycling our legs generally comes up and goes down that is the main fact that helps to reduce the belly fat. Besides cycling builds more energy and immune system along with your fitness. And doctors always tells that cycling is good for cardio exercise. Because the more you cycling the more breath you take, that helps to nurture your heart.

Especially who are suffering with obesity they found it helpful. Daily 20 to 40 minute cycling is necessary for all aged persons. But problem is that congestion on road. We cannot cycling on road because the dirty atmosphere and congestion on road, which creates a hectic situation so we are here brings a solution to you that helps you to get rid of this kind of situation. We are introducing Fit Kit FK717, the best doctor recommended exercise bike with screen. That helps to burn your body fat and as well as your weight.

This is a very special indoor exercise bike for home use and apartment use also. This provides lots of supports and features that no other company provides you. Fit kit one of the best fitness companies among the entire world that manufactured various GYM equipment.

It is a spin indoor exercise bike that comes with a LCD screen. You can monitor your speed distance and many more with the help of this screen. And more over this exercise bike with screen provides you live gaming. You can live play game with it. Anyone who buy this indoor exercise cycle can play game with another competitor virtually and this type of challenge helps you to acquire slim fit body.

You can enjoy real time racing experience at all. You can play this game on TV. This will be a thrilling experience of racing with unknown co racer. And after completing game you can earn a position. Means who is fast and second? This app is easily available in google app store. After buying this apartment exercise bike you can install this app and paly real life cycle racing game.

This app can also sync your data with your onefitplus profile that helps to track your workout. You can track your progress level also. In this game you can try your cycling skill with various different situations like underwater, mountain, countryside, and can also be change according to your need.

Fit kit provides live sessions to their all users on onefitplus. Live app. You have to make a profile on this and you can access the 3 month free live fitness sessions. This modern best indoor fitness bike can be connected to the Fitplus App, displaying all your stats in real time. This fitness app is a paid app but you will get free for 3 month with live training.

Athletes also trains here. You have to just connect yourself and do according to them. You can attain also a live training of them every morning and evening. All sessions can be used after completing your certain progress level. All live sessions will available in front of home screen you have to schedule yourself according them and will be eligible to access till 3 month ending.

Another unique feature is that coin earning. Onefitplus App rewarded you after completing your progress level. This app provides coins after completing each sessions. These coins are valid for one year. You can redeem these to buy e-commerce gift card. The process to earn health coin is very easy. Each time you walk a distance of 1 km while walking or running on the treadmill, you earn 1 Health Coin. Similarly, when you complete 4 km on the Exercise Cycle or Spin Bike, you accrue 1 Health Coin.

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Feature loaded in exercise bike with screen:

LCD screen: The digital LCD screen shows real time workout data. And also track your heart rate and recommend also when to leave cycling. This display screen also track calories burning, time, and speed, odometer, and pulse rate.

Resistance Knob: Almost every best exercise bikes have this feature. Manufactured asked for beginner to reduce the knob while cycling and opposite to advance level players. Because this knob tight the belt that moves the wheel. For a beginner it will be impossible to cycling when know will tight.

Heart rate monitoring sensor: This spin indoor exercise bike has another unique feature, hear rate monitoring sensor. This exercise bike continuously tracks your heart rate and pulse rate and it shows on the screen.

Locking paddle: The two very paddles comes with strap locking system. No sleeping problem comes while cycling.

Personal Dietitian: This best exercise bike with screen provides personal dietitian to each customer. That helps to make a personal diet plan to every customer who owns fit kit treadmills and spin exercise bike. And also set a personalize goal to each users. That is a cool feature. At home a virtual training plan and diet plan makes this indoor exercise cycle best exercise bike in India.

Track Diet plan: On the onefitplus app any customer can input their diet plan and can track their progress level through this app.

Doctor consultation: Also this fit kit spin exercise bike provides doctor consultation service. Anyone fit kit user can consult with specialized doctors and can take advices to improve. All are free for 3 months.

Why should you buy this particular model? Because there are tons of new feature included. And also you will get a virtual trainer for free 3 months free. A dietitian and personal diet plan free for 3 months. And more new and incredible features included. For these reason our testing team recommended to buy this particular. This is a budget friendly best exercise bike with screen in India. According to us it is one time investment and provides life time value.