How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

Topic: How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

Promotion is a popular skill for making money on the internet. Anybody who can promote anything on the internet will be a good digital marketer. But not the only promotion we are talking about the free promotion on the internet. Here we are talking about How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

There are several websites for paid promotion like FB ad, google ad, Instagram ad, Pinterest ad. Many website users and customers search on google to promote ClickBank products for free without a website.

So here we are to talk about how to promote ClickBank products without a website.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a very well-known and very reputed marketplace throughout the world. Everyone who is attached to the digital world may know about Clickbank.

Clickbank is a marketplace where any vendor places their product, and a digital marketer promotes them and earns a commission.

It has many products listed throughout the website, likewise health, fitness, dating, e-learning, affiliate marketing, etc. Anyone can promote them.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one king of commission-based marketing. If you can promote and of the product of then you can earn a commission to sell them. They have a different kind of commission structure. Some of the lifetime commission and some of the selling based commission.

I meant that if you promote any product and sell to anyone, if they make a purchase, you will get some percentage like 10% to 90%. Besides it, lifetime commission showed on the web hosting affiliate. They pay a commission if hosting package renewal by their customer. This is affiliate marketing.

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website:

A website is an excellent option to promote anything. And you can earn money by writing a blog on your website in an easy manner.

But here we are talking about how to promote ClickBank products without any website. Every day many newbies affiliates make money with this platform Clickbank. But how? Here is a question.

If you search, there will appear lots of ways to make money with ClickBank. But most of them are useless, and most of them are paid.

If you earn a commission of $1000 to $1500 daily so read this article thoroughly. You will be able to earn this number without a website within a month.

There are many drawbacks without a website like if you promote any Clickbank product anywhere, it will be treated as spam.

And your account will go to close. So be aware of it. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you with the best and genuine method.

From the beginning, we will start. And keep stick with this article is going to a beginner guide on promoting Clickbank products for free without any website. Many of you don’t afford the expensive domain and hosting at first. So this guide is for them.

In the Clickbank marketplace, there are thousands of affiliates. Promote their affiliate products and earn a commission; some of their methods are paid and free. If you want to know How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website so follow this step.

First: You have to create an account on Clickbank.

Second: you have to set up your affiliate id, which is 5 words long.

Third: You have to go to the marketplace of Clickbank.

Fourth: Then select your product and click promote.

Fifth: Generate your hop link with your affiliate id and tracking id optional.

Sixth: Promote the link according to our guide.

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How to choose a product on Clickbank:

For affiliate marketing on ClickBank and How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website, it is vital to choose a Clickbank product. Because there are a lot of factors working together. There are lots of things like gravity, Commission per sale, and many more.

When you log in to your account marketplace, you will find them. If you want to choose a high converting product, then follow the step. Before proceeding with gravity, we first have to know what is the very trending category to promote. Then we shall go to gravity. As our research, the most trending categories are—

  • Health & Fitness.
  • E-Business & E-Marketing.
  • Dating.
  • Self-Help.
  • Business and investment.

Let’s talk about gravity. You have to filter all products by gravity. This is one kind of filter that helps you to find high value and high converting products. If you want to find good and wining products you have to use them.

For finding winning products, affiliates have to do a lot of work and research. Still, Clickbank has another concept to find your winning product easily by clicking and entering some numbers. This is an excellent filter that distinguished the best and high converting products very easily.

This is a unique feature that shows that particular product’s performance within a certain time period as Clickbank official said that in between 12 weeks, any affiliate marketer has at least one sale of the particular product. And this indicates on gravity meter.

Keeping this thing in mind, you have to notice only gravity on the other filter; you must choose those products with a gravity of at least more than 30 to 40. Besides it, you can see on average commission per sale must be $20 to $40 and $50.

Then you can shortlist your products, and these are ready to promote without a website. Follow these our rule only you can find the best and only high converting products.

After that step, you have to check that are those products spam and real? For this, you wave to visit the affiliate page of that particular product. As a newbie, you can find some professionalism on their landing page very easily, and it will be very well organized.

Then read over all the information about those products. And you are ready to go. Some video social proof of their founder and call to action button must be available; that’s why you will be finally confirmed that it is a genuine product for that genuine vendor. And the next step will be promotion.

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The next step is the generation promotional link that is called HOP LINK by Clickbank official:

The next step is to find your unique link associated with a unique tracking id. Called hop link by Clickbank community. If you find your product, click the promote button on just the side of that product; you can see it easily, then a pop-up will appear soon, then put your unique account nickname and put tracking id(optional) then generate uplink.

You will find a unique type of link in front of you; copy that link and promote it anywhere. But only follow our steps. Otherwise, it will count as spam, and your Clickbank account will be banned.

To Promote this link, you have to decorate a beautiful landing page:

To create a landing page, you can go in many different ways. Some are paid only, and some are free. But in this article, we use only free methods.

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Free resource to create a landing page:

Google site:

Google site is a free method to create a landing page within a minute. You can create your website with a google site with some easy steps, but only a few google resources. You can rank this google site organically by doing SEO very well. Many google sites ranked on google.

You can definitely do that. Google find the real and best content from its customer if you provide it so google ranks your site and can do your business organically without investing a single penny. How to create a google site you can see any youtube video.


Sniply is newly introduced into the market. This is one kind of landing page maker. But the difference is that here you don’t need to create or design a landing page. Here you have to find a good website article by through you can promote your product. You can create a call to action button to the left bottom corner or entire bottom or bottom right.

Here you have to search for a good article that explains your product benefits. You copy the website address and paste the dashboard and then put your affiliate link to create a call to action button saying that “I have used it to lose my weight you can use this” as an example from us. Here is some good chance to convert as a customer. You just present as a testimonial.

Follow these steps to create a high converting landing page:

  1. Type on any browser: you will find a login and sign up button. FIrstly sign up and create a free account with an email id and a few easy steps. Here you can join through Facebook and Twitter directly. After login into the dashboard, click create snip on the upper portion of the dashboard by entering a website post URL like that-

Then click a new call to action button and choose a brand like

After hitting the call to action button, you will be redirected to this page like

Then select your brand logo and then follow to required steps type means a call to action type and then add your message and then put your affiliate URL to the call to action button. After you have done that, you will find this type of link like type. For example: click here.

Sniply is a perfect landing page creator that helps customers find the best content and the best product testimonials. It will be a high-converting and value pack landing page that doesn’t need to create a website any hassle.

Very simple, easy to create, just a couple of clicks and you snip look like this above image. Now your landing page is ready, now the time to promote that unique link simply.

Now, this step is very challenging. To send traffic to that particular landing page.

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Now talk about how to send traffic to the landing page for promoting Clickbank Product without a Website:

Now do a recap all before the conversation.

  • Create an account on ClickBank
  • find product
  • generate hoplink
  • create landing page

And now is the time to promote our landing page throughout social media and the internet. It is time to send decent traffic to our landing page; that’s why they will be aware of our product.

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website:

Facebook Group:

in the first of our list, we add the Facebook group for the article How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website. Facebook group is a very high converting traffic source. There are a lot of groups present. You can join then and can easily promote your landing page. But keep this thing in mind that don’t paste the single links. You have to provide value and a good post.

If the admin found the post like spam and promotional purpose, they don’t approve it ever. You have to provide value to all group members. So for this, you have to log in to your Facebook account and then type your niche on the search box top left corner.

Then the groups. Join more and more as possible, but not 10 a day. It will be count as spam to Facebook. If approved, then you can post and can provide value to all group members. Facebook group promotion is quite an easy task, and you will find a high converting audience.

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With Pinterest:

Pinterest is a good traffic source for the high converting customer. Here you have been very creative in mind. You have to create an attractive pin for your product. As attractive, you can make as many clicks as you can expect from your customer. You can create a video pin on Pinterest. Video pin is the most converting, and it will very value pack.

Through Youtube:

Youtube is a top-rated and perfect platform to promote anything. It has billions of audiences. If you can promote your Clickbank product through it, you can definitely grow up your business. Here you have two options to promote your product.

First, one is to record a video with your product. Secondly, run a paid advertisement through Youtube. But you want to know how to make a video with your Clickbank product, Don’t worry, we will help you. Contact the vendor of your product. You can easily find their contact information on the affiliate product page.

You scroll the affiliate product page to the bottom, and you can find the contact us page, then you can write a message as a human being. They don’t think your message is spam. If you can convince them, they can definitely help you to promote their product.

But sometimes you can find a related video on their affiliate page easily; they provide it. Their video is copyright free you can screen it with your voice and upload it on your youtube channel. But notice that, you have to provide value to your audience. You have to describe your video’s key features and benefits that any of your audience may attract to your product.

Commenting on any comments:

for this article: How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website, we add a commenting feature. If your product is a problem-solving product, you can easily promote them by commenting. If you find any product like health and fitness and any other problem-solving product, you can easily promote it by commenting on any youtube video.

That I have a product and I have used it for many time, you can use it for better result. But first, find the best youtube video that has a lot of engagement on their video than you can get any of customers for your product. But mind that doesn’t do spam-like. Just paste the link, and you think that it is going to work.

It doesn’t like whatever you had to think about it. As a marketer, you have to convince your customer that it will be a helpful and value-based product for you and your health.

Use social media:

Social media is a compelling medium in today’s era. It is a king medium to promote your business and any kind of service that you offered. Social media has almost billions of users daily.

If you use it on the right path, you can gain success very easily. In today’s life, the most common corporate universe uses social media to reach people and promote themselves.

Through they can earn a good business from people. By social media, you can easily reach all over the world. But here have two ways to promote your business. First paid advertisements, Second creating a viral post on your promotional purpose. Paid ads are costly now, by you can easily create a viral post.

Using Slide share:

Slide share a good platform to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website. Monthly, millions of traffic come on this website and read content and download free PDF from here. To promote your product on this platform, you need Facebook or LinkedIn account to log in here.

After completing the signup process, you need to find a good pdf to upload here with an inbuilt link to your product.

But how did you find a free PDF with inbuilt affiliate links? Don’t worry, here we are. You have to search “,” a website where you can find your niche related PDF for free. Just download your free pDF easily and Go to the online PDF editor tool; you can search on Google as online free PDF editor tools. Here you have to edit your PDF and Built a link on there.

After completing the edit, you have to download the edited PDF again and upload it on the slide share portal, and your content will be live within a day. And you can chill from this free method.


Medium is a high authority-based platform since the beginning of the invention of the internet. Anything search on google, the first website will be Here millions of writers post their content and article daily. It is a straightforward method to promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

This is one of the trusted websites after Wikipedia all over the internet. Medium has millions of articles on their server, and they ranked every single word. If you write an SEO-friendly article on the medium, you can gain a ranking very easily.

You can just sign up with medium with your Gmail account. Then top right corner, you will find your avatar click there and write an article according to your product. Within a week, you can gain lots of traffic and gain a successful business through the medium.


In the list of How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website, we add “QUORA” here. Quora is one of the most trusted websites all over the internet universe. Quora is the question and answer portal. Here anyone can ask any kind of question. Similarly, anyone can answer the question very easily.

If you can find your product-related question on QUORA, you can answer it according to your knowledge. Keep one thing in mind that quora have a rigorous policy with spamming and link pasting on any kind of answer.

You have to answer very carefully. And must provide a value base article. You can not copy and paste an article from another website, even not from your website. If you did that, you would be throughout from quora, and your account will be suspended. Don’t copy and paste anything.

You have to write down a very gentle and nice answer. At least you have to write an almost 300-word answer on any kind of answer.

Compatible with Reddit:

How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website is an excellent question. And its’ answer is straightforward. Without a website promoting anything is very challenging. But don’t afraid of it. We have a general solution for this question. Next, we add Reddit, a social media platform to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

Reddit is a very well-known website in European countries, mostly in the USA.

You can find any political debate and many articles on Reddit; my favorite is the health niche article on Reddit. You can easily write an article according to your product, and very easily, your article notification goes to the daily Reddit user. From here you can easily gain an excellent business on the internet.

Many internet users use Reddit for being updated. If you read a health-conscious article on Reddit and your product is related to health and fitness, you can definitely 200% get an excellent business.

WordPress, a widespread word. It is the platform to create your own website. Is it paid or free? Hmm, this is the main question. Our article says that you can get only free resources to promote your ClickBank product without a website. Our title is How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

Remember that. has its own blog community. Here you can make a free website with the subdomain If you want to promote a product related to dog training, you can easily create a website address like training.

Here many blog writers get powerful do-follow backlinks for here by creating a free website. Here you can make a follower, and whether you write down an article, your follower will get notified automatically, and they read your article. If they like and share your valuable article, you will automatically get an excellent business on affiliate marketing. You can easily promote ClickBank affiliate products without a website.

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Free AD Posting:

You can easily promote your affiliate product without a website by posting a free ad. the website name is You can easily search the website and post a free ad on their website.

But keep in mind that you must have a landing page. You can see many youtube videos on how to post a free ad on this website you can see many videos dedicated to that topic. In this article, it is impossible to show and write all the procedures.

So keep learning and make your profit with some easy click.

Parler introduced itself as a very new site on google. It just launched a couple of months ago. After launching this site, this has gain 29 million of traffic on their site. It has a global rank on similar web #1678. Moreover, in the USA, this site gains a ranking of 490 among the high traffic sites.

Here you have many potentials to promote your ClickBank affiliate products freely without spending a single penny. This site looks like Reddit; many more similar. But this site has lots of visitors daily. You just forwarded and create an account on this platform and promote your affiliate products daily.

But keep one thing in mind that you don’t do any spam. If their bot detects any spam, then you will remove it then and there. Here you can use hashtags to connect others with your account, like Instagram. You must provide the value mind that. is an article promotion website. Here promotion is a bit technical as me. Here how you can promote your ClickBank affiliate products for free without any website. Let’s talk. You have to choose your product first, then after going to google and find a relative article according to your product obviously. Then copy that particular page URL from google, and then you have to go to

Then select a blank document and paste that URL over there, and then import. After successfully import that particular website, you have to edit that website according to your product. After successfully edited your website( make sure that you have to paste your affiliate URL), you have to save that page, and you will get a unique URL of your edited page. Go to, create a free account, and paste that URL over there, and then your article will then publish within a minute.

From there you will get plenty of free traffic. And your free promotion over there will be done. But one thing you have to keep in mind that this trick does not work within a night. You have to keep patience with you. I have guaranteed that you will definitely get success by following this unique method.

Warrior Forum:

This is a paid platform to promote any products. If you use JVzoo, Clickbank, And any other affiliate platform, this step will help you. Here you can promote your affiliate offer with just $20 listing fees. You have to make a useful pdf related to your affiliate products, and you have to edit them according to yourself by an online pdf editor tool.

Where to get a free PDF? You can get free PDF from and free After successfully editing, you have to go to the warrior forum and make a successful listing over there. But you have to spend $20 only. But I have guaranteed that here in this step you will get a definite success. Because they will promote your affiliate offer, so $20 is needed.

Conclusion of How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website:

So we are in the last line of How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

We have written down all possible paths of How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website. You have to do one thing that you have to read this article thoroughly about How To Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.

And do all steps practically on yourself and make sure you have to share this valuable article on Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website.



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