Best Cheap Fitness Band Under 500 In India 2021

Best Cheap Fitness Band Under 500 In India 2021

 The best fitness band under 500 in India.

Are you searching for Best Cheap Fitness Band Under 500 India? So here you can find your best choice of fitness band under 500 in India. We are here reviewing the best smart fitness band under 500 rupees. These are all the best fitness band under 500 in India in the online marketplace as all of you know that we are only discussing those products which can gain the best seller in the online market.

In this article, we will know all the best possible features of the best fitness band under 500 in India in 2021. We all know that a fitness band looks very attractive on the wrist. It is looking effortless and smart. We, Indians, don’t’ afford Rolex and a costly watch for daily use. We always find a low range, budget, and good watch for our daily needs.

So here, fitness band under 500 in India 2021 helps to fulfill this need. This Top 4 Best Fitness band Under 500 In India 2021 is one of the best and low range budget-friendly watch.

Feature of the fitness band under 500 in India:-

  • HD OLED DISPLAY – 0.96 inch HD OLED screen and an adjustable strap length of 155 – 216mm.
  • See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: Receive / Rejection call, calendar, SMS.
  • Real-Time Activity Tracker -Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes. You can check daily activity and time on an OLED display or APP.
  • GREAT BATTERY – Usage time of 7 Days and a standby of up to 15 days with a charging time of 3 hrs.
  • ♫ HIGH QUALITY – The materials used are of good quality, the strap is made of the best grade of silicone.

Verdict:  We always find the best one for our readers. And we have featured this product after detailing this product. So we are telling you this will be the best choice for you. Who finds the low range product.

Pros Cons
1. Good battery life 1. Nothing found on full use.
2. HD OLED display. Very bright.
3. It’s the strap is very flexible and built with high quality.
4. Its vibration is very hard. You can easily understand.
5. Its notification system and alarm system is excellent.

Here we are reviewing some of the fitness bands under 500 in India. Let’s go to check out those products also. You will find and can choose the best. We help you to choose the best one.

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M4 Smart Fitness Band:

This is one of the best fitness band under 500. it is also prevalent. This smart band is also gaining the best selling product category in the Amazon marketplace. This best fitness band comes with an HD OLED display. This has a good battery life of up to 3 days non-stop. You can also buy it for multiple purposes. When you ride on the treadmill, it also then tracking. You have to download its app from the play store on your mobile.

Then you can see how much time you had spent on workouts. It shows messages, miss calls, and WhatsApp messages. If you are running on a cycle, gym, and swimming, this also helps you track calories and heartbeat, and many more. It will also be connected through i”s Bluetooth technology with your phone. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which is very good in quality. Its display resolution is 128×80. It has 4.5 ratings out of 5 from customers.

SHOPTOSHOP Fitness Tracker SM3 Wristband:

You can get all features on this smart band, which comes under 500 rupees in India. This smart band also has good battery life. It is also a top-rated smart band. All smart band has a lot of features so in this smart band has inbuilt those features. It can also track all your activity if you are working out at the gym and riding a cycle. You can also use this at this time. It also has an alarm and message notification feature inbuilt. This Fitness band comes with a charging cable. It has a warning that you can not charge over up to 30 minutes.

KMJSA – SJK03 Smart Intelligent M4 Fitness:

This fitness band is Identical to MI band 4. It can connect with the phone easily. Good battery backup under this price range. Its Strap fits well. You charge this band only for a half-hour. You can buy it to view incoming messages, calls, and alarms. To use this smart fitness band, you need to download an app mentioned in the manual. This smart fitness band in Gym, Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Sleeping can be used. It is also a waterproof smartwatch. In its sales package, 1 kmjsa-sjk03 Smart Band is available in 1 Charging Cable. The weight of this band is 18g. If we talk about its display type, then its display is OLED. Its battery life is 3 days.

This fitness band under 500 rupees has a lot of features inbuilt. You can check out through this image. It has we chat notification, and it is a unique feature. This smart fitness band comes with a charging cable also. This smart fitness band comes under 500 rupees. And our verdict is also to buy it. If anyone doubts 1st one, they can definitely go with this.

Lapras Smart Band:

Battery life is nice. Once two days, you’ve got to charge it once more. It is connected to the phone. If you’re a freak of your health and fitness and keep track of the sleep cycle, calorie burn, and heart rate, then this sensible band is for you. It additionally supports Bluetooth version 4.0 and humanoid of sensible band tablets and PCs. Allow us to tell you that you will use it for decision alert, distance calculation, time, assistant reminder, colors, vital sign monitor, alarm, Anti-lost. Its battery is LiPolimer, 135mAh.

Compatible device Android, Ios, Windows Mobile
Battery Life 120 hour
Mode Bluetooth
Battery Type Li-polymer
Sales Package 1 Smart Band, charging cable
Display Resolution 320*320
Ratings 4 out of 5

fitness band under 500 in India 2021 Rewy ID115 best smart band :

This Smart Band is waterproof; nothing can happen even if you wash your hands, get wet in the rain. It does not rust in any way. It has a 65mAh battery and can use this Smart band for 72 hours. It has a tracker so that you can detect distances and calories. Its alarm feature is excellent vibration is very gentle. Through this, you can access the data of any smartphone. You can use it for Gym, Cycling, Swimming, Running, Rewy fitness band comes with a Data cable, and manual will be found in its sales package.

Compatible device Gym, Cycling, Swimming, Running, Exercise
Battery Life 72 hour
Bluetooth Version V4.1
Battery Type lithium-ion polymer
Weight 110 g
Display Resolution 320*320
Ratings 4.5 out of 5

Some important FAQ to chose fitness band under 500 in India :

  1. Budget-friendly: Here, we are all featuring those items which are also budget-friendly. And all smart fitness band comes under 500 rupees. And Indians are very popular for the price comparison. So keep this thing on our mind we do this.
  2. Weight: It is an essential thing to weight. If your smart band is up to 30 grams, it will be very heavy. So you have to choose a smart band with a weight of 18 grams. We are here reviewing all item which is under 30 grams. This all you can buy.
  3. Feature: You have to be aware that what are all feature is inbuilt on this, like a heartbeat, calory meter, and many more. If you read all this article thoroughly, you can find the best one.

Conclusion of the fitness band under 500 in India:

So here we are, reaching the conclusion point. We are delighted to read this article for you. This article will help you to find the best smart fitness band for under 500 rupees. If you like this post, you can share this post with your friends and family. Thank all of you.

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