14 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging

14 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging

Topic: 14 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging. Every blogger must use it. 

Almost every blogger and digital marketer use the google chrome extension. Nearly every person who runs a website and does researches uses the google chrome extension for free. Today we are talking about the most popular and useful Best SEO keyword chrome extension.

There are billions of internet users present all over the world. Among them, some runs website and some do internet marketing. For both of them, google provides some best google chrome SEO keyword extensions.

We are delighted to bring those chrome extension into the light. We are really excited to present them in front of our readers in this post. Here all extensions have tons of great features inbuilt. That premium plugin or apps provides us. But you can not find that premium feature in one extension. You have to use 2 or 3 extensions equally.

The main benefit of using the best google SEO keyword chrome extension is that it takes a small space beside the search box. It doesn’t take much more space in your server that you use to run your website. If you use more and more plugins, your site will be heavy. And it takes a lot of time to load properly.

For this, Google can not rank your site despite having a good SEO friendly post. So you have to use these 15 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging.

The list of the 14 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension:

These are the best SEO Keyword chrome extension that every blogger, digital marketer, and WordPress user must need.

Keywords Everywhere for better keyword research:

keyword everywhere is one of the most popular best SEO keyword chrome extension for keyword research. This chrome extension has billions of users worldwide. If you have a blog website and amazon affiliate website, you need this SEO keyword to google chrome extension to do your keyword research simpler.

It helps you to find high volume keywords as well as low volume keywords. This will help you find the most relevant and powerful keyword for your blog post, which can help to rank on Google within a week.

This best SEO keyword chrome extension helps to find the most relevant keyword countrywide. If you want to find your powerful keyword in the USA, this best SEO google chrome extension helps find that.

Another essential and useful feature is that it shows the competition of that particular keyword you have chosen before with the green signal.

You can change the signal color according to your best color. Suppose you read an article according to this topic. In that case, you find that keyword everywhere is the 1st on the list because this SEO google chrome extension is compelling to help to find the best keyword within a minute without investing any penny.

Here the new feature is- this chrome extension shows the graph and the trend of that particular keyword and google trend.

MOZ BAR for checking competitors website value in google:

One of the best Google best SEO keyword research chrome extensions is MOZ BAR by MOZ group. This Moz bar actually invented by the MOZ group in the USA. This company first brings the DA and PA concept to the global market to check another website value in google and its competition with you.

MOZ bar shows DA stands for domain authority and PA stands for page authority. This DA and PA concept helps you to understand the value of the competitors’ websites easily.

This DA and PA concept helps bloggers who search for any keyword. He can check the actually the keyword works for him or not. This SEO google keyword Chrome extension helps to do technical SEO and also helps to do backlinks.

If you want to bring a backlink from another website to your site, you have to check the DA and PA for that particular website. If you have not checked that, you will never rank on google. So this best SEO google Keyword chrome extension is very useful for bloggers.

SEO PEEK for on-page SEO factor for your Site:

SEO is a significant factor for gain ranking and traffic and making money through blogging and affiliate marketing. So before publishing any blog article, you have to check must the essential SEO factor.

So here, SEO PEEK will help you to find the vital SEO factor on your site. This Google SEO keyword chrome extension helps to find and analyze other competitors’ websites. If you find your competitors’ websites’ keyword, you can easily beat them by doing the best SEO on your blog.

This SEO google chrome extension fetches the main targeted keyword and meta description automatically and the main heading. This will help you a lot to find the main keyword and heading.

I personally recommend you to do this trick and must use this SEO google chrome extension. It will help you to rank fast and beat your competitors.

Similarweb For Traffic Analysis:

Similarweb is one of the fastest and very effective best SEO google chrome extension tools for the new blogger. This will help you to find the traffic source for any website easily. This google chrome extension finds the bounce rate and engagement ratio for any website and your site.

This is a general tool for analysis of any site. With this tool’s help, you can search for a specific tag to help achieve a great traffic source.

Keyword Surfer for finding the best keyword:

This is also the best SEO keyword research google chrome extension. This google chrome extension helps to find the best and less competition and high volume keywords very easily.

This tool helps you to find the backlinks ratio. If you want to rank your post under the top 10 result, this tool will help you analyze how many backlinks you need to gain ranking.

This tool shows you the graph and also shows the volume of the particular keyword. If you want to rank faster, then you have to install this Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension.

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Redirect Path for technical SEO:

Redirect Path isn’t as well-known as an associate extension; however, it’s a requirement once you do technical SEO.

As time goes on, your URLs are planning to modification. Whether or not that’s from a replacement structure or if you’re deleting previous content and consolidating your pages, this extension can tell you once one thing goes wrong.

Through send Path, you’ll quickly see if a send is broken or operating properly.

Meta SEO inspector:

you made any mistake while doing SEO; then you can not get ranking. If you do the best SEO, then you will achieve ranking.

Here Meta SEO inspector helps to find the errors in your blog post in the meta tag. It will easily show the error. If you understand the error, then you will definitely change them and do it the proper way.

If your meta tag is in error, then it can not appear properly to them if anyone shares the post. So use must this Meta SEO inspector.

Check My Links fo broken link checker:

Similar to the redirect Path extension, as you’re defraying longer doing technical SEO and analyzing your competition, the lot of link information you’ve got the higher.

And external links aren’t the sole ones that will boost your rankings.

Knowing information on internal links is vital moreover.

Check My Links will offer you all of the interior link numbers you would like once browsing any page on your website (or your competition’s).

And not solely can you see an outline; however, you’ll additionally get details on the total page as this extension highlights every link.

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SEO Minion:

SEO is a really, very hard task. And mostly to rank, any post on google is very challenging. And tough nut to crack. But here, SEO minion helps to make it simpler for you to do SEO very well.

SEO minion shows every possible thing that you can see on that screenshot. Here the orange icon says that some description is missing. So I have to improve this.

This best SEO google chrome Extension helps to remake and modify your broken links. The broken link is one kind of silent killer. It kills the website traffic and kills the ranking also. So I recommend every blogger to use this best SEO keyword, google chrome extension, freely and improve their ranking.

Page Speed Insight for checking the speed of your website:

The speed of your website is very crucial in today’s life. If your page speed is inferior, then Google can not rank you. And as well as you can not gain ranking. And page speed impacts the website SEO factor if you have done SEO very well but can not gain ranking.

So here, the main reason is page speed. This best SEO keyword Google Chrome extension helps you to find speed without doing anything. Just a simple click on that extension. Moreover, it is a Google product.

Here you have seen that my website fails on mobile. So I have to improve this. This SEO keyword Google chrome extension is beneficial for newbie bloggers.

SEO Quake:

SEO Quake is one of the best whole SIte analysis best SEO keyword chrome extension.

This extension provides you the detailed analysis like sem rush ranking and backlink counting, and many features.

This google chrome extension helps you to find the best backlink list of the competitors’ websites. And this will help you to gain ranking. From here, you can generate various reports.

Here you can check the keyword density of any pages.

You can see that many reports you can generate from one click on the extension from this screen shorts. So must use this Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging.

Ninja Outreach for backlink analyzer:

This is no matter how much you did SEO on your post. If you did Not make any backlinks, then you gain a slow ranking. So how did you approach the high authority website owner for giving you a backlink?

Here the solution, This Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging will help you approach them. This small chrome extension helps you to find the email associated with that particular website. If you get that email, then you can approach them for a backlink.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer for finding quality backlinks:

If you want to rank your website faster, then backlink plays a vital role in doing this easily.

Majestic’s Backlink Analyzer helps you to find out the total quantity and quality of backlinks for any page that you have given.

It also shows the most relevant site for getting backlinks. When you get your competitors’ backlink source, you can easily make a backlink for those websites. So this Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging helps you very much.

SEO META for finding Meta description:

This SEO keyword googles Chrome Extension helps you find some basic information about Headers Links Social External tools and images. And this google chrome extension provides you a summary of your website.

The summary portion provides you the information about the page title, meta description, meta keywords, URL, author, and others. Under the header, you will find the H1 header information.

Here The “Links” tab will tell you the total number of links, internal links, and even the number of links on the page without a title tag. This will help you the most to gain your SEO score with some clicks.

Conclusion of 14 Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging:

There are tons of people who use Google Chrome daily for blogging and digital marketing. Some are good, and some are the worst. Here we are providing some Best SEO Keyword Chrome Extension For Blogging. And also, these extensions help in marketing.

Chrome extensions create life easier, and SEO extensions are beneficial for marketers. They will help you track your performance, rack up rankings, spy on competitors, and analyze metrics concerning your progress.

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